Waste to Energy

The FDS and TDA Systems were developed in order to cope with waste problems, an innovative pack of complementary non emissive “Waste to Energy” conversion technology. This technology is based upon the patented or exclusive “Flash Dissociation System” (FDS) processes leading to integral solutions; including recovery of valuable gaseous fuel and energy production. Allowing modular, streamlined, plug and play and versatile plant realization.

It´s unique because the FDS waste conversion is fundamental and over 90% of a domestic waste stream (MSW) is fully processed – including the organic fraction – in a single system. Leading to valuable products with the most complete recovery and use of the heat rejection as by-products.


  • Conversion of carbon containing waste such as Domestic, Municipal, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Breeding, Used Tires, Foams, Plastics into gaseous fuels directly used for feeding back into production
  • Due to the high temperature and the non-oxidizing atmosphere of the process we are avoiding any formation of contaminants such as dioxin or furans
  • Can process from domestic, tires and plastics for recycling of MSW waste

Flash Dissociation System (FDS)

  • An improved efficiency by recovery of eighty up to ninety percent of the energetic contents of the waste, as fuels, reused in the process, as well as for thermal energy, steam or hot water production providing a substantial saving of fossil fuels and associated costs,
  • Waste able to be processed includes organics and water – with our technology everything is treated, recycled, minimized and converted into inert and non-polluting end products leading to a clean process,
  • A “turnkey and plug in solution” fully integrated in standard containers
  • A technology that doesn’t produces emissions, odors or leachates,
  • The FDS units are containerized and allows a fast implementation anytime and anywhere without heavy infrastructures needs.
  • We recover the water from the organic fraction, no leachates are generated, and the end product is sterile and inert.
  • We have developed modular and integrated containerized solutions producing electricity from 1.2 MW up to 6 MW per ton according to waste characteristics.


Thermolytic Decomposition Anoxic Technology (TDA Technology)

  • The TDA proprietary technology is based on a Thermolytic Decomposition without air presence leading to the production of a gas which is immediately burned in a clean way.
  • The processing capacity average is around 50 up to 80 kg/hour depending of the waste type and characteristics.
  • TDA Technology is used in REWAKE, PRIME and DESTRUCTOR devices to facilitate recycling of e-waste, medical waste and water reclamation.
  • The Technology is particularly streamlined to clean destruction  for small & medium scale communities, cities or industries producing up to 2 tons per day, depending of the waste characteristics.
  • The necessary space is very low: less than 100m2 and for larger quantities various modules can be easily associated.
  • The special medical unit is equipped against Biohazard risks and guarantees the destruction of medical and infectious waste at a temperature up to 900°C.

REWAKE – E-Waste – e.g. computers, TVs, Phones, etc

  • Special device dedicated to electronic waste clean destruction and metals recovery using TDA technology. Patent Number: 607377

PRIME – Medical Waste – e.g. Single use medical devices

  • Special device for the processing of infectious and medical waste using TDA technology. Patent Number: 607383

DESTRUCTOR – Municipal Waste – e.g. MSW, Plastics, Wood, Cardboard, Biomass

  • Special device dedicated to small and/or local waste destruction using TDA technology. Patent Number: 607382

ECCOFLUX – Waste Water – e.g. Treating reclaimed water for irrigation

  • Special device for super-cavitation and electro-coagulation facility for wastewater & lixiviates processing, contaminants removal or protection of reverse osmosis for water production plants without chemical use. Patent Number: 607378

DECOMEX – Sludge Processing – e.g. Waste water

  • Special device for the de-watering pre-processing of sludges in waste to energy facilities. Patent Number: 607377