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Not all solar cells are the same

The natural abundance of solar energy is readily harnessed in renewable energy powerplants ranging from micro-sized domestic applications to commercial scale farms.


There are many providers of photovoltaic (PV) generators on the market.

At AussieNRG, we focus on thin file amorphous silicon PVs. This leading technology has a significant advantage over traditional silicon PV cells. Its characteristics emphasise the utilisation of the blue end of the light spectrum, giving it better performance on cloudy days than traditional PV cells. It also performs better when hot. Consequently, you can expect a real improvement in generation from the same “rated” capacity of installation, compared with traditional silicon PV cells.


Traditional (crystalline) cells will produce energy far less consistently, often interrupted even by shadows on the panel. These panels are however considered more space efficient.


Crystalline cells can be the optimal choice in a number of residential applications, We strongly believe that our amorphous solutions will benefit commercial sites more.


We believe that our amorphous PVs offer the best value for money on the market. AussieNRG will look at every situation independently and will recommend the best options to ensure you receive the best performing system possible.


Whether you are looking for a small off-grid application; or a commercial-scale grid-connected one, we can provide a system to suit your needs.

The Aussie NRG Solution:


The AussieNRG solution for small to medium sized applications comprises the following elements:

  • Nexpower’s amorphous thin-film PVs
  • A range of inverters (from 1.5 kW to 1.5 MW)
  • General Green’s proprietary modular framework, which reduces the time (and labour cost) of installation
  • Solar engineering know-how drawn from Soleos, a French leader in solar technology


Nexpower PV's


Nexpower has since 2005 focused its attention of bringing to the market the cutting edge amorphous thin film silicon PV technology.


The advantages of the amorphous thin film silicon PV are better performance (compared with silcon PV cells):

  • When there is no direct sunlight, due to a greater design emphasis on capturing the blue end of the light spectrum
  • In hot conditions: as surface temperature rises, silicon PV cells lose efficiency substantially more quickly than amorphous thin-film PVs.

These effects are demonstrated in the following graphs. (Click to expand)


The Framework

In a traditional solar installation, up to 30% of the total system cost is installation. General Green Solar has designed a modular framework that can be affixed to most roofs faster than traditional installation methods, and can accommodate different types and sizes of PV arrays.

The General Green Solar framework reduces the time and cost of installation.


Soleos Know How


Soleos is a French company that has been engineering solar systems for many years in the highly-competitive European market. We have close ties with Soleos and continue to draw on its expertise.


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