Product Deployment

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Technology

Make sure you get most out of your switch

Many businesses are currently burning money in the form of traditional lighting.

Halogen, Incandescent and many bay lights emit large amounts of heat when working. This heat is not an efficient use of your electricity and LED’s can relieve you on the problem.

Traditional 60-Watt incandescent bulbs and 43-Watt Halogens can be replaced easily with a 12 Watt LED, reducing usage ~70-80%

AussieNRG can help you find the best and most complete solution for your business at a highly competitive rate.


Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Use the power you buy more efficiently

Energy retailers charge you based on your total usage, and your apparent usage. This apparent usage is known as your Maximum Load Factor and is measured on the highest peak voltage drawn at any time.

Power Factor Correction utilises transistors to store electricity for use during these peaks, reducing your maximum load drawn from the retailers.

Power Factor correctors can be used with most appliances and machines, especially those that rely heavily on reactive power


Night Blinds

Stop night-time energy leakage

A night-blind helps to regulate the internal temperature of refrigerators and reduce air leakage. In stabilizing case temperatures, a fridge night blind will improve the overall performance and efficiency of your refrigeration system as ambient heat and light is deflected away from the refrigerator case and cold air is free to circulate inside the case.

Blinds can be installed new or can retrofit an older refrigeration case after installing hooks inside the case to hold down the spring-operated blinds

Additionally, there are options to have blinds fitted with timers to have the blinds automated to a schedule.