Energy Storage

Store excess power from your renewable energy system

Reduce demand tariffs

reduce effective electricity rates

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How is Energy Storage useful?

useful with or without renewable systems

Solar and wind generation systems are a great way to mitigate your electricity charges. Most systems are still connected to the energy grid and as such will feed back in when not being used. Energy fed back into the grid is refunded on your power bill but the rates are only a fraction of what you pay to draw electricity.


Energy storage solutions stop the feed in price gouge. they can ensure YOU keep all the energy YOUR system generates by storing excess on your premises.


Even without renewable systems installed, energy storage option can still save you significant money on your power bill. By utilising off peak times and prices to charge, they can then be utilised during peak time to avoid paying for peak electricity rates.

Further, by controlling the maximum draw, an energy storage solution can reduce your peak demand, reducing your power bill further

Energy storage can exist in a few forms:

- Battery banks,

These store energy in a battery


- airpower

stores energy as compressed air


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