How to reduce the quantity of energy you consume

Maximum Load Reset

Aussie NRG is also able to reset your maximum load factor, which can represent substantial savings.  When calculating the amount of energy to send out via a network to a site, metering companies utilize an in-built electronic mechanism which sends your site the peak (largest) electricity usage amount that the site has ever reached. Though this mechanism exists as a backstop for blackouts occurring due to a power-shortage, maximum load factors can represent figures that far out-date the business sites current energy needs. Our relationship with the metering companies, and our knowledge and skill in extrapolating data allows us to recognize when a maximum load factor is appropriate for reset due to major discrepancies between demand and supply, that when reset lead to substantial savings.

Energy Management Strategies

We are also able to provide energy management strategies specific to your businesses industry sector.  Our consultants deal directly with original research on energy management processes on a day to day basis, and as such have built upon this research to isolate processes and patterns specific to industry sectors. By building tailored approaches to specific industry sectors through our original research, Aussie NRG can audit your energy management patterns and design strategies which will decrease usage, and your peak demand load.  This increases potential for future savings, and if approached with an effort to maintain can be an investment in future savings on a maximum load factor reset.